Toilet Timing Predicting Device
Connected wearable device to predict when you need to go to the toilet

Who can benefit from DFree?

The device will help millions of elderly and disabled people who suffer from incontinence everyday.

Supports Independent Toileting

Supports Independent Toileting

DFree supports those who have difficulty going to the toilet by themselves. It will enable you to achieve more independence.

Less Stress for All

Less Stress for All

Toilet care is always a stress for both caretaker and the care receiver. DFree reduces stress for everyone, bringing more smiles.

Live Your Own Life

Live Your Own Life

Having control of your senses is the key to independence and living your life to the fullest.

How DFree Works



Non-invasive sensor uses ultrasound to track the progression of bladder movements.


Data collected by the sensor will be analyzed using our algorithm by a cloud server.


The app will send notification on your smart phone before and after the actual timing of the toilet.

Product Information

Select Suitable Plan

Choose the right plan for your use

Business Use
Support Daily Toilet Care

This plan assists care givers managing daily toilet care

  • Notification will be sent before and after the urination.
  • Visually shows the urination pattern with graph.

Business Use Available April 2018
Support Independent Toileting

This plan assists care givers developing a plan to promote independent toileting

  • Generates a report tracking urination timing
  • Provides data to assess cost of care for insurance submission

Individual Use Available Summer 2018
Support In-Home Care