Product 製品
Product 製品

What DFree Can Do

Notifies you when you need to go to the toilet.

Toilet problem is serious, especially for the elderly.  DFree can support those who suffer with toilet timing by sending notifications to their smart devices and letting them know when they need to go to the toilet. 

Automatically records and manages data of your toilet.

DFree will automatically record necessary information for toilet care.It also shows toilet patterns of the individual users in a simple format. Users can easily understand the general tendency of their toilet patterns.


Various notification functions

Notification will be sent not only for toilet timing but also for network connection and low battery level. 

Visualizes toilet pattern

By visualizing the data to a graph, DFree APP enables users to understand their toilet patterns at a glance.

Record toilet care

DFree lets you record the timing of urination and also the timing for changing the pads and diapers.



Body (mm) W83×D80×H33
Sensor (mm) W62×D34×H12
Body 73g
Sensor 18g
Accessory AC adapter
(AC:100-240V / 50/60Hz / 0.5A)
Battery Duration
About 24 hours (Full charge in 4 hours)
※ How to ware
Use medical tape and gel for ultrasound to attach the sensor to the body