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Step1 Contact Us

Please contact us through our contact page. We will get back to you with information and further details.
※At the moment, DFree is sold only to the nursing homes and medical facilities. We will start the sales to the individual customers in near future.

Step2 Proposal and Counseling

Our staff will explain about our product and service, and hold a consulting session. Based on the information, we propose how you can use DFree.

Step3 Trial

We will have a short trial before the actual implementation. Caregivers and the direct users can experience benefits of DFree by actually using the product in their daily routines.

Step4 Delivery

The relationship between our customers and us will continue beyond the delivery of the product. You can rely on us whenever you have questions or concerns. 

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Customer Voices

From Caregiver

With DFree, I was able to change the diaper without having the residents wait for a long time.

From Caregiver

We used DFree with a resident who was reluctant to go out because she was worried about toilet. After using DFree, she became more enthusiastic about her rehabilitation program.

From User

Now that I know that I can hold two hours for a toilet, I can go for a walk with my family without worrying about incontinence.

From User

I wasn’t able to sleep well because I was afraid of wetting my bed.  But after knowing my toilet cycle, I can sleep easily.

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Our Clients

SOMPO Care Next

Special Elderly Nursing Home KENSEIEN(Kagoshima)

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